Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a great resource to help you find more information about Zero Edge frameless glass pool fencing and glass fence installation. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, give us a call! We would love to chat about how we can help bring your visions to life.

Our Products: Toughened Safety Glass

What is 'toughened glass'

Toughened glass has been put through a manufacturing process where the raw glass has been strengthened to prevent breakage. It is also commonly referred to as ‘safety glass’.


Zero Edge only uses glass that has been produced at the correct speed. Some cheap glass pool fencing and balustrading options on the market will often have a slight curve that looks unattractive when installed. This happens when the glass is produced at rapid speeds to increase production rates.

What colour glass do you offer?

At Zero Edge, our standard Melbourne Glass Fencing colour is natural. This glass is clear with a slight green/black edge that is the natural result of glass production.


You may have heard of the premium “super clear” glass available on the frameless glass market. These glass sheets are clear all the way through to the edges.


Have a custom project in mind? Zero Edge are more than happy to source customised material for you.


After a different colour? Talk to us about the different options regarding permanent and semi-permanent coloured glass options, including permanent acid-etched finishes or tinting.

How do I look after my frameless glass fence?

The beauty of glass pool fencing is that it requires no painting, lacquering, repairing or protecting against the elements! All you need is some soapy water and voila! Zero Edge now offers glass fence repair, so if you have any existing glass pool fencing that needs some love, we can help. Read more about glass pool fence repairs and maintenance here.


We also offer sealing products that will literally repel water and dirt from even touching your new glass fence. Talk to us about the details.

Our Products: Spigots

What are 'Spigots'?

A spigot is the short metal pole that holds the glass sheet above. They are essentially small “posts” that are securely drilled into poured concrete (or other material) at the base of the frameless glass pool fencing in which the glass sits. This way there is a bare-minimum obstruction and the glass panel looks as though it’s floating.


There are safety codes that specify the maximum distance between all the panels involved. Zero Edge complies with all of these.

What type of spigot does Zero Edge use?

Zero Edge uses Duplex Grade 2205 Stainless Steel spigots for all pool fence installation. These are even better than 316 marine grade stainless steel spigots. They are far superior in strength and are corrosion resistant, which is perfect for splashes of pool water and general wear in outdoor areas.

Zero Edge spigot safety guarantee.

We understand that safety is of the upmost importance, so we carefully select and inspect all of our manufacturers and suppliers. We have found that sometimes even suppliers are unaware that they are selling inferior quality, therefore we have our spigots independently tested for extra peace of mind.


Zero Edge Glass Pool Fencing Melbourne will prioritise safety and quality of your glass fence installation so you can just sit back and enjoy your space!

What colour spigots does Zero Edge offer?

We stock three different finishes: polished, brushed and the trendy matte black anodized finish. If you’re looking for a different finished look, we will be able to help you source this

Our Products: Gates & Latches

What type of pool fence gate latches does Zero Edge use?

Our gates and latches comply with the relevant building code (AS/NZS 1926.1-2012) so you can be assured that your pool area is properly secured.


Latches are magnetic so that when the gate closes, the magnetic pin locks in. Latch access is on the pool side, so kids and pets are not able to gain independent access.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Can my Frameless Glass Pool Fence be attached to anything? What are the requirements?

We are the cheap pool fencing Melbourne experts! Zero Edge takes into account the relevant Australian building code (AS/NZS 1926.1-2012) whilst installing our pool fencing. We assess all existing structures around your pool to ensure they are suitable frameless glass pool fence installation.


We cannot install our glass onto structures that may have movement in them. This can easily damage the glass and cause an unsafe pool fence.

When to expect your glass pool fencing installation team?

Your pool fencing should be the last element going in around your new pool. Your tiler or other flooring service will need to fully complete their job before we can install our frameless glass pool fencing. This is to prevent any damage to our elements caused by sealing or acid washing of the floor surface.


What kind of balustrading options do you provide?

Our frameless glass balustrading can be applied to an endless amount of options. Your imagination is the limit! We will source the correct hardware and customized glass to cater for your unique needs. These include balconies, staircases, verandas and commercial balustrading. Your new balustrade will be installed in accordance with the Australian Building Codes (AS/NZS 1288-2006 & AS/NZS 1170.2-2011).

When to expect your frameless glass balustrading installation team?

This depends of the flooring on which we are installing your balustrade. Tiled surfaces will need us to have our fittings bolted down before your tiler gets to work, however, if you require installation on a timber decking for example, we will be able to come any time.


Give us a call to discuss your unique needs.


Can I use Zero Edge products in windy places?

Our frameless glass solutions use 2205 grade steel and toughened glass, suitable for use in outdoor windy areas. We can always provide customized strengthening solutions if needed.

Why do I need a Windbreak?

Our windbreaks will protect your outdoor area from gusts of wind, so you can enjoy your space to its fullest potential.


There are many commercial and residential options for installing windbreaks. Cafe’s and restaurants are the most obvious for commercial usage, where it’s important that guests can enjoy outdoor areas at any time of the day or year, regardless of windy conditions.


If you have an outdoor area such as a terrace, rooftop or deck that needs a modern windbreak solution, give us a call and we can provide you with a complete made to measure quote!

Privacy Screens

Why do I need a Privacy Screen?

Privacy screens are a great addition to your living space if you like the idea of increasing your own privacy without compromising on natural light. However, if your balcony overlooks a neighbour’s backyard or living space, you may be required by law to install a privacy screen.

How can Zero Edge privacy screens be 'frameless'?

Privacy screens are taller than the usual frameless glass solution such as a pool fence or balustrade, so they need additional support. Many suppliers provide this in way of a “semi frameless” or framed solutions. Zero Edge offer a unique design where we attach a slimline handrail that offers extra support while maintaining a frameless look.

What are Zero Edge Privacy Screen dimensions?

In most cases you legally need a 170cm tall privacy screen. This is our standard size for this product. As always we are able to help you with custom privacy screen sizes.

Our Quality Commitment

The Zero Edge difference:

We find that many suppliers in the industry try and cut corners to make a little extra margin. Time and again, we come across poorly installed frameless glass fencing that needs panel replacements or does not comply with building codes.


Our entire process from the minute we pick up the phone to arrange a personalized quote to the day we leave you with a beautiful frameless glass solution, quality and customer service is our priority.

Our Supply Chain:

We have great relationships with our manufacturers that have been nurtured over many years and only source the best possible frameless glass solutions for our installations. We regularly visit and audit our entire manufacturer and supplier processes, ensuring the entire supply chain is transparent. This includes no forced labour and good working conditions across all facets of the supply chain.

The Zero Edge Team:

Our experienced professional team includes a fully qualified glazier, dedicated sales personnel and designers. We pride ourselves on providing your with a start-to-finish service.

Does Zero Edge offer project management?

Zero Edge specialises in one thing: Frameless Glass Solutions. However with our extensive industry experience and connections, we will be delighted to facilitate the outsourcing of landscaping, drafting, engineering, and surveying/ permit services.