Frameless Glass Fence in Malvern East

A stunning frameless glass pool fence completed by Zero Edge. The affluent Malvern East suburb of Melbourne is known for its beautiful leafy streets close to many parks and the Melbourne CBD. Recent developments and renovations have seen a spike in the use of glass fence installation in the area.

The Project:

Our client in Malvern East wanted to secure their pool area but keep the flow from alfresco dining to poolside open and unobstructed. Our team quickly came up with a beautiful frameless solution for a luxury and modern look.


With a quick turnaround, the fence was installed within a few days so this family could fill up their new pool and enjoy summer with a cooling splash around in to the water.


As an additional feature, the plants along the edge of the glass pool fencing are a great way to break up large concrete spaces in your backyard.

Materials Used:

The Glass

We used our high quality 12mm toughened glass sourced from our trusted manufacturer.


Zero Edge tip for spotting the difference between high and low quality glass fencing:

Cheap glass pool fencing will have gone through a “fast process” to cut manufacturing time, which almost always results in glass with a slight curve. This will look slightly “wonky” when installed, as all the sheets of glass are slightly different.

High quality glass is clear and perfectly straight. It has gone through the glass strengthening process at the correct speed, taking a little longer to manufacture, but making all the difference in aesthetics!


We only use glass that has been toughened at the correct speed and is completely straight. The result is like this beautiful frameless glass pool fence in Malvern East. You can learn more about our glass on the FAQ Page.

The Spigots

The Spigots used for this Malvern East project are brushed matte black, which are very trendy at the moment and not offered by all glass fence installers. The quality of these spigots is 2205 Duplex Grade Stainless Steel ensuring this pool fence installation is built to last!

Love the end result and want to enquire about how we can enhance your space like we did in Malvern East? Call us to arrange an obligation free measure and quote.