Home Pool Fencing Safety Checklist

It’s important to remember that the number one feature of a pool fence is safety.


We do speak a lot about the aesthetics and modern design of our frameless glass pool fencing solutions, but we do also pride ourselves on our attention to safety and keeping your children, pets and loved ones safe around your aquatic area.


According to The Royal Lifesaving Society – Over the last five years over 150 Australian children under the age of five drowned. While all of these drowning deaths are preventable, it is the 50% that occur in home swimming pools where your immediate action can make a difference.


Home pool fencing and effective supervision can reduce these tragic drowning deaths to zero. Organisations such as The Victorian Building Authority and Royal Life Saving Australia are urging every home pool owner to check, fix and maintain their home glass pool fences in order to eliminate children drowning.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Toughened Safety Glass Pool Fencing

Regular Pool Maintenence

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