Frameless Glass Windbreaks

Domestic and Commercial Frameless Glass Windbreak Solutions in Melbourne

Create a calm and protected environment within your outdoor area.

Our Frameless Glass Windbreaks do not obstruct your landscaping.

We specialise in professional glass fence installation for many applications.

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Why choose Zero Edge frameless glass windbreaks?

Zero Edge Melbourne Glass Fencing products come with a 10-year installation and manufacturer warranty as well as a 3-year glass breakage replacement. Zero Edge can cater for windbreak solutions of any size, whether you are protecting a windy BBQ area or have a big commercial project.


Already have a glass windbreak that needs some love? We now offer glass fence repair! For more information about our products and services, visit the FAQ’s page.

Advantages of Frameless Glass Windbreaks by Zero Edge:

Easy to maintain

Like all our other frameless glass systems, your Zero Edge Windbreak is easy to clean and requires no additional maintenance- just some water and soap will do. Another great advantage of our frameless windbreaks is that the glass is raised off the ground. Therefore fallen leaves, dust and water won’t build up against the glass.

Frameless Glass Windbreak safety

Our products are durable and adhere to the BCA (building code of Australia). The toughened safety glass and aluminium hardware are safe to use in both domestic and commercial projects.

Match your windbreak to your lifestyle

Australians pride themselves on their outdoor lifestyle, with many summer nights spent preparing family dinner around the BBQ or entertaining guests outside.


Modern apartment buildings consist of communal and zoned spaces aimed at enhancing the inner-city lifestyle. Call us to arrange an obligation-free quote on how we can help you maximize the usage of your outdoor space.

Adaptable solutions

Just like the unique modern-day outdoor areas, our frameless glass windbreaks can be applied in many different ways. From protecting your outdoor dining area to a contemporary apartment building zoning solution, our creative and professional team will be able to help you with your ideas.

Want to know more about our products?

All materials used by Zero Edge are exclusively sourced by us, using our trusted manufacturers, and are of the highest quality. We comply with all necessary regulations and pride ourselves on the quality of our work, with a “no shortcut” mentality.

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