Stainless Steel Spigots In Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Stainless Steel Spigots In Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fences can and do take a lot of abuse. They flap around in the wind, get hit by balls, stones from your mower, and even your unsuspecting dog chasing their beloved ball. But that’s okay, they’re built to withstand the abuse – the fence, not your dog. Most pools are also dosed with chlorine or salt to maintain a hygienic environment, although unfortunately salt and chlorine are highly corrosive and can lead to you pool fence rusting and other related issues. Let us introduce you to our stainless steel spigots that combine with our frameless glass pool fencing.

What allows your fence to withstand these extreme conditions are the two sleek chucks of stainless steel at the bottom of the panel. These chucks of steel are called ‘spigots’ and are usually made from a high-grade stainless steel, specifically duplex 2205 stainless steel.

Duplex 2205 is an impressive grade of stainless, that unlike 304 or 316L is not only highly corrosion resistant, but extremely strong, and most importantly able to withstand high vibrations that can cause stress corrosion cracking in inferior grades of stainless steel.

These properties are what makes it desirable for applications in offshore, aerospace, and chemical industries, oh and pool fences.. It’s pretty high-tech stuff for high tech applications. Now, why doesn’t 304/316 or even aluminium cut it? We’ll that’s easy, stress corrosion cracking. 304/316 (austenitic alloys) are highly susceptible to this, where when small microscopic cracks form, it breaks the protective layer of chromium oxide (the layer that protects the material) resulting in the spigot rusting and eventually failing. Aluminium is just not strong enough to withstand the forces and is highly advised against using. 

Ensure your glass pool fencing will last the test of time. Contact our experienced experts at Zero Edge.