Glass Pool Fence Repair

Chipped or broken glass pool fence panels? Zero Edge offers glass repair for any existing fencing whether installed by us, another fencing company or by yourself… We can help! Get in contact with our expert glazier today.

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Glass Fence Repair

We offer pool fence repair, glass fence repair and maintenance for existing residential and commercial glass pool fences, glass balustrade and privacy screens.  Anything from replacement of a broken glass panel, to the replacement of a faulty Bestko hinge, retro-fitted with a modern, high quality Polaris Hinge Set.


Cracked, chipped and broken glass panels can cause the quality and stability of the glass to become unreliable and potentially dangerous. Movement in the underlying surface (concrete, decking etc.) can also lead to issues with reliability of your frameless glass fence.


In some instances, issues with your glass fencing requiring repair may lead to non-compliance under Victorian pool fencing regulations. The same goes for rusted spigots, latches or gates, all of which can be replaced or retro-fitted with modern, warranted products.


Zero Edge offer a range of frameless glass pool fencing repairs to ensure your pool fence complies with all relevant regulations:

Glass panel repair and replacement

Gate, hinge and latch adjustment or repair

Replacement of spigots, hinges and latches

Pool fence compliance and safety checks

On-going pool fence maintenance

Our experienced pool fencing team, including a qualified glazier, will be able to help you with all glass pool fence repairs whether installed by us or someone else. Including DIY pool fencing jobs.


Zero Edge specialise in ensuring your glass pool fencing is safe, beautiful and compliant with the latest Victorian pool fencing regulations.


We recommend calling our expert team for regular pool fence maintenance every few years, to ensure the safety of the fence and the family.


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