Domestic and Commercial Frameless Glass Balustrading in Melbourne.

Enhance the safety of your space, while creating an effortless, luxury look.

We specialize in custom solutions for staircases, balconies & verandas.

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We offer unique and modern Frameless Glass Balustrading Solutions.

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Why Frameless Glass Balustrading?

Add value to your property with clean simple designs that do not obstruct views and keep your space open and light-filled.


Not sure where to start? Our professional team in Melbourne and all surrounding suburbs will come to you in order to provide you with a personalized solution for your unique project. For more information on our glass fence installation & glass fence repair, visit the FAQ’s page.

Advantages of Frameless Glass Balustrading by Zero Edge:

Endless options

We consider ourselves Melbourne glass fencing experts, with more than 20 years of experience under our belt. Our balustrading options are truly endless and cater to most unique projects. Speak to one of our creative and professional team members about how we can apply our frameless glass product to your environment.

Luxurious Looks

Frameless Glass Balustrades have become the industry standard so you don’t need to settle for out-dated and obstructing materials that make your space look small and boxy. Even if your home isn’t ultra modern, the unobscured nature of this balustrading system fits into all decorative styles.

Safe and sound

Our toughened safety glass comes with a 10-year installation and manufacturer warranty as well as a 3-year glass breakage replacement. We also provide unique slimline hand-railing solutions that look attractive, comply with the BCA (building code of Australia) and compliment your new modern balustrade solution.

Easy to maintain

If you’re looking for a stylish safety barrier that requires minimal care, look no further than a frameless glass balustrade. No need to paint, gloss, lacquer or repair! Perfect for both residential and commercial projects.

Want to know more about our products?

All materials used by Zero Edge are exclusively sourced by us, using our trusted manufacturers, and are of the highest quality. We comply with all necessary regulations and pride ourselves on the quality of our work, with a “no shortcut” mentality.

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