Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Create an illusion of space around your swimming area. We pride ourselves on the design and installation of premium quality frameless glass pool fencing. Built for safety, without compromising on aesthetics.


We have 20+ years experience delivering strong, safe & stunning glass pool fences.

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What makes Zero Edge Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Unique?

Pool Fencing built For strength & safety!


We have proudly offered Melbourne locals glass fence installation & glass fence repair for over 20 years now.


Our fantastic team of frameless glass fencing experts are here to help with any and all queries you may have.


We specialise in designing and supplying glass pool fences and glass fence repair.  Zero Edge provide frameless glass solutions and fence installation in Melbourne and across surrounding suburbs.


All of our pool safety fences include glass panels that made of the highest quality toughened safety glass and Duplex Grade 2205 stainless steel spigots.


For more information about our products, visit the FAQ’s page.

Advantages of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing by Zero Edge:

Easy to maintain

Many aluminum fences for pools need constant care and maintenance such as painting, lacquering and repairing. Glass pool fencing simply requires some soap and water to refresh and look new again! You can also use a number of finishings on your glass that will completely repel salty pool water, dirt and grease build-up

Affordable luxury

The industry standard has changed from boxy timber and steel pool enclosures to modern looking glass solutions. Our frameless glass pool fences truly look as though they float, providing you with a beautiful unobstructed view of your entire outdoor area.

You’ve already invested in stunning landscaping, so why obscure it with an inferior fencing solution? We offer the best in glass safety fences in Melbourne.

Flexible options

Our frameless glass pool safety fences can be attached to an array of different surfaces. Our design team will be able to help you come up with a design perfectly suited to your pool area.


At Zero Edge, we understand that your home and space is unique, calling for a made-to-measure and tailored fencing solution. We provide you with an obligation-free quote by visiting and measuring your property.

Our safety guarantee

We are Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) members and only supply you with glass fencing systems that are compliant to the AS 1926.1-2012, which is the Australian Standard of swimming pool fencing. This way you can feel completely re-assured that your glass is as safe as it is beautiful! Talk to us today for Melbourne glass fencing

We stock everything required for the job at our local warehouse in Melbourne. Pre-cut & ready to install frameless glass panels, pool fence hinges, spigots, gates and latches. We deliver all the necessary materials required to each job, every time.

Minimally Invasive Glass Fencing

Secure your pool or spa area without compromising on aesthetics.

Premium Quality Pool Safety Fences

All of our frameless glass pool fencing meets the relevant Australian Pool Safety Standards. 

Custom Glass Pool Fence Design

Add a modern touch to your outdoor area with our purpose fit frameless glass fencing design

Free Measure & Quotes

Talk to us today about an obligation-free made to measure quote for your pool safety fence

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Polaris Soft Close Hinges

We now proudly offer Polaris Soft Close Hinges for all of our installations & repairs

Made to keep hands safe from closing glass pool fence gates.

Designed specifically for frameless glass pool fencing and glass gates.

Hinges meet Australia's rigorous requirements for frameless glass pool fencing.

Resistant to chemicals, therefore they operate as designed in wet environments

Sleek stainless steel construction makes it strong, durable and stylish.

Spring and shock absorbers ensure gentle closing each time from any position


Need A Building Permit For Pool Fencing?

The Zero Edge glass pool fencing team have put together all the information you need to know about building permits for your pool fencing project.


We can even assist you in acquiring the appropriate glass fencing permits. That way you can get on with your day-to-day, and leave the nitty gritty to the experts!

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Want to know more about our products?

All glass pool fencing materials used by Zero Edge are exclusively sourced by us, using our trusted manufacturers, and are of the highest quality. We comply with all necessary regulations and pride ourselves on the quality of our work, with a “no shortcut” mentality.

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Our Work

Take a look at some of our recent frameless glass fencing projects. Get your free quote today!

Our Work

Take a look at some of our recent frameless glass fencing projects. Get your free quote today!