The Advantages Of The Polaris Soft Close Hinge

The expert team at Zero Edge proudly use the Polaris Soft Close Hinge across our frameless glass pool fencing solutions. 

This award winning, state of the art product is a self-closing hinge for pool fencing designed to be resistant to the elements, durable, reliable and last longer than ten years. 

Polaris Soft Close Hinges provide a smooth and quiet closing motion for your pool gate through the use of spring and shock absorbers. Fully compliant with the rigorous Australian Standards AS1926 and AS 2820, it is the most dependable and safe hinge in the business. 

General Maintenance Of Your Polaris Soft Close Hinge

For those who already have Polaris Soft Close Hinges installed with their frameless glass pool fence gate, it is a good idea to check it regularly to ensure it is functioning correctly. 

Below is a checklist of things to consider: 

  1. Is the gate self-closing from fully open in a controlled manner? 
  2. Is the gate self-closing from 20mm from the latching point? 
  3. Is the gate self-latching? 
  4. Is the gate swinging freely, and closes and latches by itself from any position? 
  5. Is the gate latch working well so that the gate is secure and, once closed, can’t be pulled open? 
  6. Is the gate opening outwards, away from the pool area? 
  7. The gate latch must be 1500mm higher than ground level, or if located inside the gate, 1200mm above ground level and at least 150mm below the top of the gate, is this the case? 

Once you have completed this assessment, and if everything looks to be in good working order, it is always good to take a hose and give the hinge a rigorous spray, before drying it off with a clean rag. Doing so will remove any salt and dirt build-up that may inhibit the hinges function. 

Zero Edge are experts at pool fencing maintenance and pool fence repair. If you feel that there might be something wrong with your fence gate, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.