Poolside Planting 101

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Victorians are excited with summer being just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about ways to reinvigorate your pool and spa area in preparation for those endless summer days spent cooling off in the backyard with your family.

A simple and elegant way of doing so is through the addition of some poolside plants. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your plants are safe, easy to maintain, and appropriate for the specific conditions associated with your pool and spa area:

Pool Safety Compliance

It is vital to ensure that your planting complies with pool safety standards. These include that your pool safety fence must have a non-climbable zone (NCZ) of 900mm on the outside of the pool fence all the way around, with trim trees, shrubs, and pot plants not encroaching the NCZ area.

Plants with a substantially horizontal surface of 10mm or more that allow a young child to gain a foothold or handhold, and can hold a weight of 25 kg or more, are considered climbable. As such, always plan to plant a safe distance away from your poolside fence.

For more information on Australian laws for pool fencing, see our page here.

Aquatic Plant Selection

It is best to avoid plants with expansive roots, as these plants often cause problems with underground plumbing and paving. Also, poolside plants need to be highly tolerant of salt and chlorine exposure in case of splashing. It’s also a good idea to choose plants that need little pruning and are non-messy, as these plants can cause problems with your pool filtration system, and are generally a nuisance to maintain. 

So, which plants are the best choices for effortlessly adding colour and life to your poolside area? Succulent varieties are popular, as they are easy to maintain, can either be planted in pots or the ground and thrive in hot conditions. Small palm varieties provide a lushness to any backyard setting, and are great as they are highly resistant to light reflection.

Foliage plants, and other medium-sized shrubs, create an immersive and private environment for your backyard pool area. These plants will develop your space’s character as they continously grow and are a great way of screening your backyard sanctuary from the outside world. 

Experimenting with and combining both foliage shrubs and flowering plants ensures that your poolside plants add year-round colour and vibrance to your summer haven. 

Frameless Glass Privacy Screens

Sometimes it is advisable to create additional shade and protection. This can be done using frameless glass privacy screens. These are specific frameless glass fencing panels made of unique etched obscure glass. They add privacy and shade to your pool area without compromising on natural light sources.

Check out our options for frameless glass privacy screens here

We hope you found this article helpful and inspiring. As always, do not hesitate to contact our experienced team via phone or email if you have any questions. Our friendly and helpful staff look forward to assisting you.