Avoiding Pool and Spa Fencing Faults

Zero Edge Spa and Pool Fencing

Avoiding Pool and Spa Fencing Faults

We’re now closer than ever to our family and loved ones. Not just interpersonally, but physically. We’re wiping the dust off our board games, watching more hours of Netflix together and realising that our house and backyard are immensely enjoyable for leisurely activities.

As many kids are home from school, the weather is improving and your backyard has become a haven of family fun. Safety is important, as we naturally can’t keep our eyes on our young ones during every moment, especially if we’re working or studying at home.

It’s important to remember that the number one feature of a pool fence is safety. The Victorian Building Authority and Royal Life Saving Australia are urging every home pool owner to check, fix and maintain their glass pool fences to prevent children drowning.

Our team can thoroughly assesses that your pool fence complies with all relevant regulations. We will perform these in order to avoid faults and issues with your pool and spa fencing:

  • Glass panel repair and replacement
  • Gate, hinge and latch adjustment or repair
  • Replacement of spigots, hinges and latches
  • Compliance and safety checks
  • On-going pool fence maintenance

Communication and protective measures are essential to us as we’re sure they are to you, also. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact via phone or email for our service details and / or a quote.

If you do notice there is movement with your glass fence, this may be due to the underlying surface (concrete, decking, etc). The fencing could be unreliable and potentially dangerous. We ensure that we inspect the structure and stability of your pool fence during our checks, maintenance and installation.

We encourage you to get in contact with our Zero Edge specialists today. We are still working hard to ensure your pool is as safe as it is enjoyable.