Zero Edge is proud to offer Spa Fencing

Zero Edge is proud to offer spa fencing

No doubt your outdoor spa provides joyful times and entertainment for your family and friends. It is your backyard haven! Sitting in the spa may also provide you time to relax – away from the kids and the business of day-to-day life. It’s a luxury and one of the great Australian outdoor experiences. Zero Edge is proud to offer spa fencing to ensure you and your family are safe as you enjoy this luxury.

The enjoyment of your spa is your job. Encompassing the mandatory safety regulations for spa barriers is ours. The Zero Edge team are made up of industry experts that know how to combine aesthetics and safety of your outdoor spa area.

Spas on residential properties in Victoria with a depth greater than 30cm (300mm) are required to be surrounded by a safety barrier. These barrier gates must also be self-closing and self-latching. Additionally, it is a legal requirement to ensure spa gates are closed when not in use.

We provide customised glass barrier and gate solutions to meet your needs. A simple visit to your property to take some images, mark out a work area and note any potential additional approvals is all it takes for Zero Edge to start turning your outdoor haven into a compliant, safe and joyful space for your and your loved ones.

Worry less about your kids’ safety. We proudly provide the latest durable, high-quality materials for glass, spigots and latches. For estimated time allowance and pricing for your next approval contact us for a quote.

For further, more detailed information on spa and pool fencing laws, please follow this link: Updated Regulations for spa fencing Victoria.