Australian Laws for Pool Fencing

Cleaning Your Frameless Glass Pool Fence

13% of all Australians now live in a property with a pool, Australia’s obsession with swimming pools runs deep. However with Victoria’s new strict pool fencing laws now in place, new and existing pools and spas need to adhere to the stern regulations. This article will cover Australian laws for pool fencing.

At present the Australian Standard is referred to as AS1926-2012 and is the national standard covering NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia and the ACT.

What do the Australian regulations govern?

As per AS1926-2012 there are some basic regulations that are non-negotiable;

  • Pool fence heights shall not be less than 1.2m high all the way round
  • Pool fences must have a non-climbable zone (NCZ) of 900mm on the outside of the pool fence all the way around
  • Trim trees or shrubs near the pool fence and other objects such as BBQ, pot plants, toys, ladders and chairs should not encroach the NCZ area
  • Vertical Gaps in the fence must not be more than 100mm
  • Gaps at the bottom of the fence should be no greater than 100mm
  • All gates must be fitted with a self-closing device that will return the gate to a closed position from any position without the use of manual force

Zero Edge proudly offers Polaris self-closing hinges that are designed especially for frameless glass fencing and gates. Polaris hinges meet Victoria’s new pool fencing requirements.

Pool safety

While having a swimming pool or spa is a wonderful way to relax there are some safety measures to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your pool or spa has compliant fencing
  • Supervise children at all times
  • Consider familiarising children with pool safety by bringing them to swimming lessons at a local pool
  • Most backyard pools are too shallow for diving, ensure a no diving sign is placed around your pool
  • Be aware of drainage issues due to hair, bathing suit strings/tassels

You can read more on Victoria’s new 2019 fencing laws and checklists here. Zero Edge are highly experienced and versed in the relevant Victorian laws and standards. The team can also assist with all aspects of installation as well as helping to obtain the correct permits. For more information on Australian laws for pool fencing click here.