5 Common Mistakes Pool Owners Make When Selecting a Pool Fencing Provider

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5 Common Mistakes Pool Owners Make When Selecting a Pool Fencing Provider

1. Not ensuring all pool fencing products are sourced from reputable audited production facilities.  

  • Specific factories manufacture specific products. Ensuring that the production factory is producing only with the highest grade of Stainless Steel (2205 Duplex Grade) eliminates any chance of cross contamination.
  • Certain glass production houses produce for the export market, while others produce for the local market (in China). Ensuring that your Glass Pool Fence Panels are sourced from a factory dedicated to Western quality exports is a must.

2. Not discussing fixing methods with the provider

  • Not all fixing methods are created equal. Ensuring your provider uses CRL Kwixset® Expanding Grout is a must. The grout specially chosen by Zero Edge (supplied by C. R. Laurence, California) is a hydraulic grout, which expands upon setting. It is specially formulated to perform exceptionally strong with high bonding qualities – 2.5 times the strength of concrete used in a house slab.

3. Failure to ensure your provider is up to date with current Pool Fencing Regulations and compliance

  • With many changes occurring in the industry, it is an absolute must to ensure your provider is up to date with regulatory framework. By doing so, you can be sure you will have no trouble achieving the final sign off for your project.
  • The best idea is to familiarise yourself with the regulations, ensuring you are able to ask the right questions to your provider. 

4. Failure to confirm warranties and after installation service

  • Always ensure your provider includes a significant warranty as a key part of the project proposal.
  • Always check to see if the provider will include a Gate Fitment Adjustment when necessary after the completion of the project. Occasionally, fittings need some time to settle in and as such, need an adjustment several months after completion.
  • Check to see if the provider includes any glass breakage warranty or pool fence repairs, and if so, under what circumstances it will apply. 

5. Failure to reference check your provider

  • A significant amount of information can come from previous clients of your provider. Be sure to check the company’s reviews on major platforms including Google and Facebook.  
  • Another great way of checking the credibility of your provider is through direct contact with an existing client of theirs. Most trusted companies will not hesitate to facilitate contact between yourself and their existing clients to ensure your peace of mind.

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