Cleaning your Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Cleaning Your Frameless Glass Pool Fence

Cleaning your Frameless Glass Pool Fence

One of the greatest features of frameless glass fencing is the sleek, visual appeal. Keeping your glass clean and streak free from chlorine and the elements is far easier than those fences made of iron, aluminum, wood etc. This article covers how you can go about cleaning your frameless glass pool fence.

In order to keep your new glass pool fencing look as new as the day it was installed, and potentially minimise the need for pool fence repairs, simply read the following.

There is no need to use expensive, chemical grade cleaners that many pool shops try to sell you. Instead, for a far cheaper, easy and environmentally friendly option, we find that a simple mixture of mild soap and water will do the trick. This easy solution is great for a number of reasons:     

  • They save you money. You don’t have to buy any fancy glass cleaners. You can make one at home from readily available ingredients straight from your kitchen. In addition to your mild soapy mixture, household ingredients such as lemon, vinegar, and baking soda are effective for tougher spots, especially for those pool fences located close to a beach, where the air is naturally saltier. 
  • Your health is guaranteed. Some chemical-based cleaners leave you with irritated skin, coughs and sometimes itchy eyes. This is not the case if you use eco-friendly glass cleaners.
  • Chemicals and young children or pets are never a good mix. Get the kids out on a sunny day to wash the glass fence. Soapy water is 100% safe for little eyes.
  • Conserving the environment. We should all be responsible for where we live. We should, therefore, strive to do away with products that pose any risk to soil, water, or air around us. An eco-friendly mild soap cleaner is the best option.

For various other soapy recipes, contact our experienced glass pool fencing experts at Zero Edge. Let us provide you with further information about cleaning your frameless glass pool fence.