Get Pool Ready This Summer

Glass Pool Fencing for summer

Get Pool Ready This Summer

They’re often neglected in the winter months, but now is a great time to get your pool ready with glass pool fencing for summer.

During those warm days, Australians love to invite the family over to spend long afternoons along the poolside. It is also absolutely important to ensure your pool is safe and secure for your loved ones. Get your glass pool fencing for summer!

Number 1 is Safety

In order to make your pool area an appealing space, having a sturdy pool fence installation is paramount. Here’s a few reasons why.

By providing a layer of protection, glass pool fencing creates a safe environment, especially when being used by children or pets of your house. As a parent it becomes your prime responsibility to ensure about the safety of your young ones, while enjoying a dip or two in the pool.

Reduces risks of accidents and drowning

According to a survey, there has been an 83% reduction in cases of drowning, in houses having a fence around their pool areas. Frameless glass pool fencing offers an effective barrier for children and pets preventing them from climbing over. Also the transparent nature of the glass allows you to keep an unobstructed view from afar.

Convenient and Easy to Maintain

Glass pool fence panels, apart from providing a clear view of the surrounding pool areas to the owners, are also a dream to maintain. Glass pool fence panels require only plain water and a mild detergent soap to keep them clean and sparkling.

Wide range of choice

The market is flooded with a wide range of pool fences namely, aluminum, wood, glass, vinyl and wrought iron. Irrespective of the size of your pool area, you can find the right pool fence, suiting your taste, preferences and of course, budget. We offer free home delivery and free installation of your fence. We know convenience is key, so leave it to us at Zero Edge. Call Zero Edge today to discuss glass pool fencing prices.

Contact us now for a free measure and quote. Get ready and install your glass pool fencing for summer!