At Zero Edge, we make balustrades easy. Your balustrade doesn’t have to be an unattractive safety measure for your stairs, balcony or poolside. With a Glass Balustrade system by Zero Edge, an effortless, luxury look will be created to any home or property, commercial or residential. The Balustrade won’t get in the way visually, allowing you to keep the attractive presentation of your space.

We are passionate about creating solutions for our client's needs every day, so when it comes to Balustrades, we have the expertise, creativity, and flexibility to cater to your requirements. The Balustrade system we offer is already cut to size, a systematised approach that has the flexibility to cater to most situations. At times, a specially cut piece of glass may be required, which is also very much within our line of work. Where handrail is required, Zero Edge offer a unique slimline handrail that looks attractive, complies to the building code, and is fit with Zero Edge's high standards.

At Zero Edge, we only install the highest quality materials available, this means no shortcuts on the technical quality of stainless steel fittings, the grade of the glass used, and of course, the quality of the work being completed.